About Us

Owners Todd Ford and Vince Sheppard grew up in Stag Harbour across the street from each other for many years. In fact, their Grandfather's are brothers and former fisherman. After many years living away from Fogo Island, they both had the urge to own a house in their home town. A place to visit and call their own when coming to visit. What started out as a little shop talk, turned into a reality months later. From there a plan developed to open a all inclusive vacation home. Seeing a need in Stag Harbour for a vacation home, their plan slowly changed and developed.

What we want to create is a little 'Home Away From Home' feel when staying at our vacation property. We hope we have taken care of all the little details so you will feel welcome and cared for. The finer details include a water cooler for drinking water, starbucks coffee, iron and ironing board, free Wi-Fi, 42" big screen satellite TV, DVD's, selection of reading material, barbecue,and a picnic table with fire pit area by the beach! All you need to do is relax at your OASIS BY THE SEA (and maybe hope for good weather!!!!!)